The ITFC Academy is a core part of the club’s strategy to achieve Premier League status, and, for their part, will ensure they are coaching and developing players of the highest possible standard to develop players of first team potential. The Academy has three distinct parts and is a proven pathway for players to progress to the highest level of youth development.

The pathway starts with the Elite Player Development Programme (PDP) and progresses to the Centre of Excellence Squads (CoE), which in turn can lead to The Academy.

The entry level is the Elite Player Development Programme (PDP) where players are identified by the club’s scouts and invited in for trials. Following a successful trial the player will be invited to join the programme. Should the player be consistently performing at a high level and demonstrating a positive mental attitude there is an opportunity to progress to the Centre of Excellence Squads (CoE) which is a shadow squad for The Academy.

Teddy Bishop, Kundai Benyu, George Fowler, Ben Morris and Jack Lankester are examples that the Elite PDP and CoE Programmes is a proven pathway to the Academy and potentially a professional contract.

Teddy Bishop

Teddy BishopProfessional Contract

Jack Lankester

Jack LankesterProfessional Contract

Ben Morris

Ben MorrisProfessional Contract

The Ipswich Way

The 'Ipswich Way' has produced quality footballers with a high technical ability and a strong winning mentality. The style of football played has always been to play the game with simplicity, taking care of the ball and playing balanced, attacking football.

"'The Ipswich Way' is based on dominating possession, always trying to pass forward, running forward. Always competitive and relishing the challenges provided defensively. We want all players to be comfortable with the ball and always looking for their next touch. 'The Ipswich Way' is to rise to whatever challenge is presented and find the solution, never compromising on our principles and standards."Ipswich Town FC Academy; Head of Recruitment.

Our philosophy centres on the vital principle that players need to be guided and supported on their development journey. Our players will develop socially, becoming more confident as they progress through their training programme. The nurturing process and holistic approach to player development aims to maximise potential from both a football and social perspective.